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Embark on an enriching adventure with our thoughtfully curated expedition, meticulously crafted by passionate world travellers. Explore our comprehensive suite of services available before, during, and after your trip, and familiarize yourself with the unique experiences tailored for our expeditions. Our team of experienced professionals takes care of all logistics, ensuring a seamless and memorable journey. We not only prepare you meticulously but also accompany you with local experts who provide firsthand insights into each destination's culture, history, and daily life. Your expedition is a curated experience designed to let you relax, explore, and discover with unparalleled depth and expertise where every aspect is touched by the essence of luxury.

  • Ideal Participants for This Trip
    This exceptional expedition caters perfectly to those seeking quality time with a partner or an unforgettable solo adventure. Welcoming adults of all ages, our trips bring together individuals with a shared curiosity about the world, creating lasting memories, meaningful connections, and opportunities to expand your professional network. It’s an ideal way to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, retirements, honeymoons, and other significant milestones. While the minimum age for our expeditions is 12, we do consider younger guests on a case-by-case basis.
  • Post-Booking Procedure
    Following your booking, our Experience Designer becomes your primary contact, providing additional trip details leading up to your departure. Expect a tailored set of amenities for your journey, including essential travel items like a wheeled bag, backpack, packing cubes, and more.
  • Redefined Group Travel - Your Experience
    Our expeditions offer a unique opportunity for like-minded travelers eager to explore and learn together. With a small group size of a maximum of 4, you’ll enjoy an intimate setting that avoids the feeling of being lost in a crowd. Each destination presents a variety of activities, from guided sightseeing to exclusive experiences like helicopter tours, whale watching, wine tasting and beyond.
  • Activity Levels on the Trip
    Ensuring quality and safety throughout, we prioritize offering diverse activity levels at each destination. Guests have the freedom to choose their pace, whether it’s a leisurely stroll or a full-day excursion. We accommodate special needs where possible, ensuring a comfortable experience for all participants.
  • Your Safety
    Ahead of every trip, destinations undergo meticulous safety vetting. We stay updated with reputable health organizations and consult local experts to assess the travel conditions.
  • Trip Insurance and Emergencies
    In partnership with RBC Insurance, our coverage includes essential benefits, offering up to $150,000 CAD in emergency medical/dental assistance without any medical interrogation.
  • Luggage Policy and Handling
    Our luggage policy generally allows for two checked bags, along with a carry-on and personal item. We oversee the seamless transfer of luggage between airports and hotels, ensuring a hassle-free experience for guests.
  • Packing Tips
    We recommend packing comfortable, layered clothing and, most importantly, comfortable walking shoes. While some occasions might call for slightly formal attire, our emphasis is on relaxed and enjoyable experiences. Laundry services are available, and we suggest leaving room in your suitcase for souvenirs.
  • Passports and Visas
    Valid passports, with at least six months’ validity beyond the tour end date, are essential for all guests. We offer assistance with Canadian visa applications if needed, advising guests to apply 3-6 months before departure.
  • What’s Covered
    Your tour price encompasses major expenses such as flights, hotels, transportation, meals, activities, guides, gratuities, and more, providing a comprehensive and seamless experience. Exclusions Not included are personal expenses, unspecified beverages, hotel minibar charges, unscheduled meals, and inoculation/medication costs.
  • Payment Procedures
    To secure your spot, complete a reservation form and submit a deposit via wire transfer or major credit cards. Details regarding cancellations are outlined in the trip payment schedule and become effective upon email receipt.
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