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Toronto, Ontario | Niagara Falls, Ontario | Montreal, Quebec | Calgary, Alberta | Banff, Alberta | Vancouver, British Columbia | Whistler, British Columbia | Victoria, British Columbia



Luxury Travel Unveiled

Indulge in a unique opportunity for discerning travelers who share a passion for refined experiences and exploration. Limited to an exclusive group of just 4 individuals, our intimate journeys cultivate enduring connections, extending beyond the trip to create lasting friendships and potential opportunities for upscale travel or exclusive business ventures.

Within our select travel circle, each expedition unveils a tapestry of opulent activities, from meticulously guided sightseeing to exclusive visits to premier museums and landmarks. Elevate your experience with dynamic options such as private helicopter tours, majestic whale watching, exclusive golfing, and exquisite wine tasting.

Your sojourn with us is an artfully curated masterpiece, blending relaxation, exploration, and profound discovery with an unmistakable touch of luxury. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled travel experience, where every detail is designed to create a personalized and opulent adventure. See Tour Details to learn more.



Modern Energy and Architectural Wonders

Nestled along the shores of Lake Ontario, Toronto is a dynamic metropolis where cosmopolitan allure meets cultural vibrancy. Explore the city's diverse neighbourhoods, renowned museums, and lively entertainment scene. Uncover the historic charm of Distillery District, showcasing Victorian-era architecture and artisanal experiences. Dive into a world of flavours in Kensington Market, where eclectic eateries and diverse cultures converge.


From the heights of the CN Tower to the waterfront allure of Harbourfront, Toronto invites you to immerse yourself in its dynamic culture, diverse cuisines, and captivating attractions.


Shangri-La Toronto



Wine Country Indulgence and Majestic Cascades

Prepare for a day of awe and wonder as you journey from Toronto to the majestic Niagara Falls. Traverse the scenic Niagara Region, soaking in the beauty of the parkway and its captivating attractions. At Niagara Falls, witness the breathtaking Horseshoe Falls, where the thundering cascades mesmerize with their sheer power and beauty.


Choose to sail beneath the falls on a Hornblower Cruise, immersing yourself in the thunderous spray and the sheer magnitude of nature's grandeur. Alternatively, explore the plethora of activities available, from scenic viewpoints to charming local experiences, ensuring an unforgettable day surrounded by the awe-inspiring force of nature.


Shangri-La Toronto


European Sophistication Meets Urban Excitement

Bienvenue à Montréal! Discover the cultural heartbeat of Canada in this French-speaking city, an enchanting blend of European elegance and Canadian vibrancy. Stroll through the cobblestone streets of Vieux-Montréal, transporting yourself to a European enclave where history and modernity intertwine effortlessly.


Visit the Basilique Notre-Dame, a centuries-old Gothic Revival church adorned with intricate wood carvings, stained glass windows, and a breathtaking ceiling, evoking a sense of awe and reverence. Delight in the Plateau Mont-Royal district's eclectic charm, boasting vibrant boutiques, cozy cafes, and a distinctive artistic ambiance.


And don’t miss out on indulging in a local culinary delight—poutine. Dig into a generous serving of French fries smothered in cheese and gravy, savoring the unique flavors that define Montreal’s gastronomic identity.


Four Seasons Montreal

Montreal 1.jpg


Bustling Urban Oasis at the Foot of the Rockies

Welcome to Calgary, where the spirit of the West meets urban vibrancy. Home to the renowned Calgary Stampede, this western Canadian city beckons with its vibrant cultural scene and year-round attractions.


Explore the massive Calgary Zoo, a haven for nearly 1,000 animals representing diverse habitats. Revel in abundant shopping opportunities and experience the lowest provincial sales tax in the country. Calgary serves as a gateway to some of Canada's finest natural parks, inviting you to slow down and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the nearby Banff National Park.


The Fairmont Palliser


Alpine Paradise and Untouched Natural Beauty

Prepare for an adventure in the heart of the Rocky Mountains as you explore Canada's oldest national park, Banff National Park. Marvel at the azure hues of glacier-fed lakes, stand in awe of towering mountain peaks, and witness the captivating wildlife that calls this natural wonderland home.


Ascend Sulphur Mountain on the Banff Gondola, treating yourself to panoramic views of six majestic mountain ranges and the charming town of Banff nestled below. As the sun sets behind the Canadian Rockies, indulge in a mountaintop dining experience that perfectly caps off a day filled with exploration and natural splendour.


Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise



Cityscape of Opulence in Nature's Playground

Vancouver, a canvas painted with urban sophistication and untamed nature. Begin with a seaplane's sky-bound embrace, capturing the city's panoramic beauty against a backdrop of grand mountains.


Traverse emerald forests and iconic landmarks like the suspension bridge, connecting with nature's marvels. In Gastown, time stands still amidst Victorian architecture and storied lanes. Chinatown's culinary symphony invites exploration, a feast for the senses. Pedal along Stanley Park's ocean-hugging trail, where each curve reveals breathtaking coastal vistas.


Wind down on the beach, the sky ablaze with the West Coast's breathtaking sunset. Vancouver, a city where urban allure dances harmoniously with the untamed beauty of nature.


Fairmont Pacific Rim


Mountainous Retreat and Adventure Paradise

Experience the awe of Whistler! Journey from Vancouver along the scenic Sea-to-Sky highway, revealing the majestic grandeur of Howe Sound and the breathtaking cascade of Shannon Falls en route to Whistler Village. Glide skyward on the Sea-to-Sky Gondola, 2,900 feet above sea level, unveiling an unrivalled panorama of coastal mountains and unspoiled landscapes.


In Whistler's embrace, immerse yourself in an array of experiences—wander picturesque trails, uncover hidden alpine lakes, or simply bask in the serene embrace of towering trees and snow-draped peaks. It's an invitation to venture from thrilling escapades to tranquil moments, each revealing the essence of Whistler's natural wonders.


Capture these awe-inspiring vistas, where your camera may struggle to encapsulate the sheer drama that unfolds at every turn. Beyond its breathtaking beauty, Whistler is an immersion in nature's symphony—an orchestra of grandeur and magnificence waiting to be explored.


Four Seasons Resort Whistler



Historical Grandeur and Floral Marvels

Step into Victoria, where the pristine coastal beauty merges seamlessly with vibrant urban life. Your journey to this picturesque city unfolds with a mesmerizing ferry ride from Vancouver, treating you to stunning views of the Gulf Islands. Arriving at Vancouver Island, immerse yourself in Victoria’s charm.


Our guided tour unveils the treasures of Victoria, starting with the world-renowned Butchart Gardens. Wander through 55 expertly cultivated acres adorned with roses, Mediterranean flora, Japanese tranquillity, and Italian-inspired landscapes. From there, venture into Victoria’s downtown, where historic architecture blends with modern waterfront attractions and boutique shops, creating a delightful blend of culture and history.


Fairmont Empress

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